Are your jumpers clean?

Our bouncers MUST be clean, it’s our policy. That’s why besides our regular cleaning, all our delivery drivers always carry a vacuum cleaner, spray bottle and cloths, to guarantee that the jumpers will be clean prior to use.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do. The cities listed are free of delivery charge. Cities outside the delivery area  carry a $15  delivery fee.

Do you pick up the jumper?

Yes, all rentals include free pickup.

Do you have any set up fees?

We do not charge setup fees.

How big is the combo jumper?

The combo is 13ft in width by 22ft in length and 13 ft in height. It fits in two to three parking spaces.

How big is the sports arena jumper?”

The sports arena is 13ft in width by 13ft in length and 13ft in height. It fits in two parking spaces.

How big is the castle jumper?

The castle is 10ft in width by 10ft in length and 10ft in height. It fits in two parking spaces.

Do I need a specific outlet?

No. A regular house outlet is fine.

Do you deliver to parks?

We do deliver to parks however in order to set up a jumper at a park it is required from the customer to check within the local authorities if a permit is required. If so, the customer must obtain one prior to ordering the jumper. It is also required to check if an electrical outlet is available and working nearby at location. If not, a Generator is needed. You can rent the Generator from us or provide your own. Be aware that some cities do not allow the use of park outlets for bounce houses.

Do you set up in areas such as grass, dirt, and concrete?

Yes we do.

Do you price match?

Yes, we match prices.

Do you have insurance?

We do not have insurance.